Workorder Backlog Management

Optimal Work Order Backlog Analysis solution provides insight into areas such as:

  • How companies are spending their maintenance time and money?
  • Which assets cost the most to maintain?
  • Which equipment fails unexpectedly the most and the failure causes?
  • Adjusting preventative maintenance to reduce unexpected downtime.
  • Identifying safety critical equipment that are not being maintained.
  • Identifying regulated equipment that are not being maintained.
  • Identifying poor labour estimates, which hinder effective planning.

We utilise various cutting edge technology tools to undertake Work Order Backlog Analysis to increase productivity and efficiency and improve cost savings in a simple manner, suitable for maintenance and reliability during operations. It identifies areas for improvement and actionable recommendation to reduce human error.

It provides a pathway for improvement of operations through:

  • Work Order Analysis – provision of a dashboard to report on work orders increases quality and efficiency as it decreases anomalies, mistakes, missing data, and unusable data.
  • Data Quality Report – data quality reports are relied upon to highlight inadequacies for suggestions to be made.
  • Maintenance – maintenance can be overused. By adjusting maintenance schedules depending upon the data report, time and cost can be reduced by decreasing the amount of time-consuming work.
  • Optimisation of Inventory – identifying obsolete inventory to optimise production.
  • Identification of Assets – identification of assets which cost the most money to help reduce unnecessary costs.

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