We are physical asset management engineers headquartered in Aberdeen United Kingdom, with a subsidiary in Johannesburg, South Africa

Optimal are here to help businesses simplify physical asset maintenance. Our engineers specialise in developing enterprise asset performance and management solutions focused on optimising operations whilst increasing asset reliability

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At Optimal, we empower our clients, by providing tools, strategies, and services that improve physical asset performance; through structured, consistent and auditable processes.

Our value-adding solutions apply to a wide range of industries and a variety of physical assets

Our Core Values


We are passionate about bringing innovative new technologies and methods to our clients. Fostering creativity is central to us as a business and we strive to find new and unique ways to approach each situation in order to achieve the best possible results.


You need a business which provides you with excellent results, clear methods, and total satisfaction. We engage with our clients to ensure solutions provided by us, deliver excellent results that are absolutely customised to current and future needs.


People are our greatest asset. We form partnerships and develop relationships based on trust and commitment to ensure integrity on all sides. Our people are empowered by providing clear goals and incentives, enabled with authority, resources, tools, and processes.

Physical Asset Management Redefined
Case Studies
Maintenance Strategy development & Optimisation: Mining equipment

Optimal has enabled significant increase of equipment performance on mining sites since 2018 through the development of best practice maintenance strategies while optimising existing strategies.

Greenfield Maintenance & Materials Strategy Development: Sulphur Dioxide Abatement Plant

Asset criticality was a key variable when deciding the correct strategy to deploy to assets on this plant and ensure efforts are focussed on assets that have the biggest impact on operations. Optimal developed an asset register for critical systems and non-critical systems, then developed maintenance strategies based on Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) framework. Work packages were generated and deployed to SAP for execution.

Technical Guide Development: Energy Institute Guidance for Temporary or Permanent Removal of Equipment from Service in the Oil & Gas Sector

The Energy Institute engaged Optimal to provide technical writing and editing services in collaboration with their Ageing and Life Extension Committee (ALECOM). The main aim of the project was to define best practice for the effective management and maintenance of equipment and systems withdrawn from service on a temporary or permanent basis. Based on a compilation of good practice and equipment manufacturer recommended procedures, the guidelines address typical scenarios whilst taking regulatory requirements into account. Link

Spares & Materials Strategy Development: Nuclear Sector

Optimal delivered a robust materials management strategy and implementation plan that maximised the utilisation of latest systems and technologies, identified improvements in internal and external storage for different types of stock holding, indicated best practice for internal charging practices and demand management, integrated existing logistics practices with stock management, explored best practices for material risk and resilience management, and identified improvements in stock levels to reduce obsolescence and plant downtime.