Online Condition Monitoring | Root Cause Analysis

Today, condition monitoring plays a vital role in asset management and diagnostics for valuable equipment. New advances in sensing capabilities allow for a better understanding of an organisations assets in real time and therefore makes pre-emptive and optimal maintenance decisions easier and more collaborative. By adding intelligence to existing equipment, you gain real-time access to your asset data on any platform where you can assess efficiency, productivity, reduce costs plan interventions and prevent unplanned process interruptions.

Condition monitoring delivers value by providing engineers with a foresight into the health and condition of systems and equipment, it assists in the development of strong preventative maintenance strategies and allows operators and manufacturers to work together in order to make data-driven choices to improve product quality.

Implementing condition monitoring into legacy analogue systems improves your business processes, helps your business become more cost-effective and competitive and builds a solid technological infrastructure for your future manufacturing initiatives.

Optimal’s condition-based maintenance solutions can provide your maintenance team with analytical data about the health and performance of your critical assets and provide your organisation with a much-needed edge in the competitive world we live in.

  • Wireless sensors
  • Access asset health data easily
  • Longer battery life and longer signal range
  • Asset health reporting
  • Easily attachable
  • Universal data compatibility
  • 24/7 Alerts
  • Continuous data collection
  • Remote monitoring and technical support
  • Alerts and event management
  • Early detection, diagnosis and trending from laptop and phone
  • Easy non-intrusive installation
  • Compatibility with a wide range of sensors
  • Complete solutions customised for your exact needs and plant environment
  • Near-real time data
  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Email Alerts
  • Optimised for energy saving

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