Asset Digital Twin | Scenario Comparison

Most organisations are complex and continuously evolving and as such  depend on the smooth operation of multiple unique, moving parts. For operating models to be optimised, business leaders need a holistic view of their organisation that relate to operational resources and processes like people, technologies, and finances. However, achieving this is a challenge for many companies as limited visibility into the interactions among employees, subsidiaries, suppliers and physical assets can leave operational managers with a fragmented picture of their organisation and a weak foundation for building action plans to increase performance.

Business Challenges:

Optimal – Simulation Digital Twins offer organisations a comprehensive, detailed understanding of their inner workings, which allows users to simulate and optimise the effects of different operational strategies in an ever-changing environment. This is achieved by creating a dynamic replica of an organisation’s complete operational system, including infrastructure, processes, and operations.

Simulate the dynamic evolution of complete operational systems and sub-systems
Generate optimised and reliable plans for meeting KPIs using predictive and prescriptive functions
Provide step-by-step implementation instructions for short-, mid- and long-term action plans
Implement quickly and scale from a defined project to the complete industrial value chain

Hindsight to Foresight

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