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Transforming the face of physical asset management. Are you ready to play your part?
Transforming the face of physical asset management

If you are a leader in the Oil and Gas Industry and you understand that efficiency is driven by true integration, organisational alignment and excellence in execution then please take a moment to read further.

Optimal is proud to announce the launch of a research project into the advanced application of Asset Management Methodologies within the Oil and Gas Industry.

In association with the University of Aberdeen, and with support from Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership funding programme (KTP), Optimal is seeking an Industry partner or partners who are keen to optimise their reliability centred maintenance using advanced technologies.

Our objective

Enhance and strengthen our proven international track record of delivering cost effective, quality rich and sustainable solutions in complex and low operating cost environments to the UK Oil and Gas Sector.

Our roots in Oil & Gas

We were born in the Oil & Gas sector: Optimal was established in 2015 (at the height of the oil and gas price crash) as a maintenance engineering consultancy, the majority of our staff at the time had an oil and gas background and although we rapidly diversified: our heart remains in the Oil and Gas sector.

Our roots in Oil & Gas

We witnessed the highs and lows in recent years and we recognise the need for efficiency through robust integration and focus on safety and value driving critical systems: the industry needs to manage its facilities and infrastructure in a truly holistic manner so that it can extract true and sustainable value in a low operating cost environment.

Optimal started out as a Maintenance Engineering Consultancy supporting oil and gas industry in Aberdeen but through our rapid diversification into alternative complex and low operating cost industries, at home and internationally, we strengthened our knowledge and portfolio and we are now an Asset Management Organisation.

Maintenance and Reliability is at the heart of Asset Management and as such we are proud of our heritage and have invested time, money and effort to build outwards from our core.

Our Journey so far
Our Journey

With offices in the UK and Africa we are an organisation of practical, operationally experienced and commercially astute professionals underpinned by highly decorated academics: we are Pracademics.

We see the big picture, understand the business pain points, we have the knowledge and thought capacity to work out and articulate the how and the discipline and focus to deliver solutions in a complex, turbulent and often unpredictable environment.

To simply say you understand a problem and its solution is all fine and well – the truth of the matter is: it’s the delivery and the how that counts.

While many in our space were talking about collaboration and integration, we were out there doing it.

Since the downturn in Oil and Gas we have invested our time exploring and working in industries at home and overseas that rely on physical assets to return business value. We focused on industries that have gone through the complex changes that Oil and Gas now faces and took the time to review, study and worked with them as well as Industry thought-leaders. We explored complementary technologies, developed strategic collaborations and partnered with experts in their field to pull together their expertise, technology and track record to address Asset Management challenges from the ground up.

What have we delivered?


Our Performance
Help us build the Future
Help us build the Future

Through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership and the University of Aberdeen we are now looking to maximise the integration of these technologies, techniques and expertise to the Oil and Gas sector and as such we are looking for Visionary Leaders and Executives to support and partner with us by providing test facilities for us to Transform The Face Of Physical Asset Management.

Why Leaders and Executives: at Optimal we understand that Asset Management is more than a process; it’s a Business attitude and as such it is driven from the top.

So if you are ready to transform your organisation and become an efficiency flagship for the Oil and Gas sector, we are ready to be tested, please contact us for more details on how to partner and the associated benefits: TransformAssetManagement@Optimal.World

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