Infrastructure Asset Care

What is Infrastructure Asset Care

The core objectives of Infrastructure Asset Care are to achieve maximum return on assets (ROA), optimise total cost of ownership (Asset Life Cycle Management) and fulfil safety and environmental (Regulatory) requirements. In other words, Infrastructure Asset Care is capable of contributing to organisational strategic objectives.

The Case for Infrastructure Asset Care

  • Infrastructure failures negatively impact safety and health of humans, environmental damage, unplanned production losses and negative reputational damage.
  • Optimisation of useful life requires infrastructure assets to be inspected and maintained at periodic intervals by a competent person to ensure they are safe, reliable and perform their designed functions throughout their useful life.
  • The structure and/or structural components of an asset should be fit for purpose / fit for service and be safe under normal operating design conditions.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act Construction Regulations and the South African Building Regulations and Standards, require buildings and
    infrastructure integrity to be assessed regularly to enable a safe and healthy work environment.

Optimal has the capability and in-depth experience in the engineering, design and assessment of core infrastructure assets to ensure their integrity is maintained.

Our Focus Areas

  • Structural Integrity of Buildings and Infrastructure.
  • Potable water, waste water and storm water systems.

Our Service Offering Covers:

  • Structural integrity investigations and issue of compliance certificates.
  • Asset rational assessments and design.
  • Building regulations construction inspections.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act structural compliance inspections.
  • Condition assessment and information analysis.
  • Algorithm design and development of asset preservation programmes.
  • Infrastructure asset register compilation and updating.
  • Building and civil structure snag reports.

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