Asset Performance Management | MES / MOM

Asset Performance Management

Asset performance management helps optimize risk, cost, and output across your supply chain, asset, and production. Optimal’s comprehensive portfolio of Asset Performance Management solutions, including Supply Chain Performance management and predictive analytics suite, and deep domain expertise, has led to proven success with customers across the globe.

Our approach includes understanding the value of an asset, the business risk associated with each asset’s potential failure, and the costs to appropriately maintain that asset to meet overall business objectives. We believe that our approach will help leverage a comprehensive digital Asset Performance Management transformation strategy that uses real-time data to optimize operations, predict outcomes, and provide risk-based guidance. Our solutions help to ensure business continuity, maximize return on capital and enhance the overall customer experience. Through our approach, you will:

  • Forge a path towards predictive operations with zero unplanned downtime and a risk-based asset performance strategy that accurately predicts potential problems and prescribes solutions through analysis and simulation;
  • Redefine your processes, enable deeper collaboration, and reduce value leaks helping your organization to optimize your value chain to sustain productivity and innovation and ultimately make better and more robust decisions quicker;
  • Implement workflow management to optimize, streamline and control processes with real-time information. Monitor performance, achieve tight control, and obtain peak performance to achieve maximum benefit in large and complex process plants where the scale and complexity can provide a challenge;
  • Empower the digital workforce through technology such as mobile devices, augmented and virtual reality, and enterprise asset management to improve the ability of the enterprise to identify, analyze, and act upon opportunities to improve maintenance and operations activities, as well as streamline workflow processing, operator rounds, knowledge transfer, and training;
  • Accurate decision-making relies on easy access to trusted information at the right time to drive increased operational performance, safety, and asset reliability.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)/Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Manufacturing industry operators are responsible for managing complex production asset systems in order to realize production targets and ensure a very high level of asset reliability and availability to achieve operational efficiency. With the digital asset management technology advancement systems for Manufacturing Operations Management have been developed to provide bespoke solutions that provide sight of the full manufacturing process. Manufacturing Execution Systems form part of the Manufacturing Operations Management suite and help operators focus on efficiency and effectiveness through improved production monitoring with real-time insights, quality management, and reliability and availability. Through a strategic partnership with Parsec, Optimal has access to leading industry Manufacturing Execution System TrakSYS.             

TrakSYS aggregates data from multiple sources to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence for significant quality and productivity improvement – while leveraging existing assets, resources, and infrastructure.

Built to be quickly deployed with out-of-the-box functionality, TrakSYS comes with a comprehensive set of features that have been designed from the ground up to address manufacturers’ most pressing needs. By activating a combination of pre-built application frameworks, manufacturing managers can see more, know more, and do more. TrakSYS has built-in extensibility with easy, integrated, web-based configuration tools that eliminate the need for custom scripting for many types of solutions.

The integrated, modular nature of TrakSYS brings complete flexibility to deploy only the functions desired to power multiple solutions. TrakSYS business solutions include production, quality, maintenance, inventory, workflow, and more.

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