Sustainability Management

Why is Sustainability Management important?

Sustainable management is necessary as it is an essential part of the ability to successfully maintain quality of life on our planet. Physical Asset Management is a field where sustainability also plays a critical role as efficient maintenance of plant and equipment can ensure reduced emissions, sustainable use of energy as well as other resources.

Sustainability Management Process

The Sustainability Management process is a continuous cycle that requires to be managed and maintained to create success for the company’s sustainability model.

Circular Economy

The circular economy is a tool used to tackle climate change via:

  • Design/Manufacturing/Production – designing products to last longer, be more environmentally friendly and eliminate unnecessary waste
  • Distribution/Retailer Controls – use of environmentally friendly means for distribution and reduce transport miles
  • Consumption Controls – control on consumption reduces unnecessary waste
  • Re-use/Repair/R&D – restoring/re-using items means products avoid landfill leading to a no waste environment
  • Recycling Sector R&D – recycling products means natural resources are not wasted in manufacturing