Enterprise Asset Performance Management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) principles are based on a holistic approach focused on managing all information, structured and unstructured, related to physical assets throughout their entire lifecycles, helping organisations deal with the irregularities of an ever-changing world.

Every business wants to maximise uptime, cut costs, reduce risks and accidents and deliver the highest quality products or services. To achieve these objectives, enterprise assets must be used and managed as efficiently as possible.

Your organisation can benefit from improved asset maintenance and management practices through:

EAM systems can also be used to assess risk and are used where asset failure has the potential to result in safety issues or environmental impacts.
We provide revolutionary EAM Solutions through a range of services and products adapted to the specific needs of our clients. Our solutions aim to give you and your business confidence in operations and decision-making processes.

  • Asset Data Management
  • Resource Planning & Optimisation
  • Economic Life Analysis for Assets
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Maintenance budget and cost improvement initiatives
  • Business Processes
  • Sustainability Management
  • Root Cause Analysis

ISO 55000 Alignment

ISO 55000 defines good practice in the management of assets full lifecycle. It applies to any organisation where physical assets are a key or a critical factor in achieving business goals.

Optimal’s alignment with ISO 55000 provides the strategic and disciplined approach to reducing costs and improving performance needed forcreating value on a long-term and sustainable basis.

By focusing on the whole lifecycle of an asset from design to decommissioning, EAM allows you to proactively plan maintenance, order spare equipment before break-downs occur and monitor the health and value of all assets. In case of incidents or quality issues, EAM builds extensive knowledge bases that will even help you retrace the steps of one or more assets and identify root causes.

Since 2015, we have accumulated a wealth of experience from successful EAM strategy implementations for asset-intensive organisations globally.

Contact us today to find out how you could:
  • Improve reliability and availability of physical assets across your portfolio
  • Improve your productivityby up to 25%
  • Reduce your spare parts inventory by 10%
  • Reduce your maintenance costs by up to 20%
  • Reduce your Health and Safety incidents by up to 40%
  • Make your asset management decisions with confidence
Asset Management Optimisation Programme

Asset intensive organisations consist of many departments, processes, systems, and assets of different ages. These aspects are rarely integrated and aligned, causing costs and value to be lost. Your people and assets bring real value to your stakeholders, but you do not know where to focus and improve. Help is here.

Optimal are experts in understanding the key elements of asset management and how to improve asset performance.

We apply a proven assessment process, which reviews the key parts of your organisation and provides a benchmark against best in class and industry best practices.

  • Understand your asset and maintenance management maturity
  • Align with principles of ISO 55001 or PAS 55
  • Improve asset Availability & Reliability
  • Increase your safety performance
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement
  • Optimise your Risk and Cost management
  • Combination of on/off-site assessment with key personnel
  • Informal discussions between a Senior Optimal Asset Management Consultant and key personnel
  • Review of your physical assets and operations
  • High level presentation prior to departure
  • Summary report of findings and roadmap to success including potential improvement and cost savings