Asset Predictive Analytics

With the ever-developing technology advances, more information about the health and performance of your plant is available than ever before. With sensors being able to communicate increased amounts of data in real time. Predictive analytics allows you to quickly transform raw data into actionable insights to help prevent equipment failure and enables engineers to make decisions based on accurate data. This enables organisations to achieve the desired value from critical assets by supporting the Predictive Maintenance Program with early warning of developing issues long before traditional operational alarms kick in.

Optimal utilises tools that integrate with your existing data historian systems and can be combined with condition monitoring solutions to create the ideal analytics tool set for a comprehensive Asset Performance Management Programme. These tools learn the equipment’s unique operating profile and historical asset sensor data can also be used for advanced modelling in comparison with real-time operating data to determine minor deviations from expected behaviour. If an issue is identified, root cause analysis and other diagnostics can help understand the reason and significance of the issue.


  • Integration with a variety of data historians, control, and monitoring systems
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Advanced data analysis utilising Artificial Intelligence
  • Transient monitoring capability
  • Data Security


  • Prevent equipment failures
  • Minimise unplanned outages
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase asset utilisation
  • Extend life of equipment
  • Improve personnel safety.