At Optimal, we empower our clients, by providing tools, strategies, and services that improve physical asset performance; through structured, consistent and auditable processes.

Our solutions are applicable to a wide variety of industries depending on their assets to deliver business value

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

Catering for the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors in the Oil & Gas industry.

The oil and gas industry continues to face mounting pressure to devise new business processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency and sustainability. Implementing an effective EAM plan gives businesses the chance to work intelligently with assets along a supply chain, analyse shortages and pre-empt critical issues or failures before they interfere with production.

Assets management challenges in the Oil and Gas industry:

  • Pressures of ever decreasing budgets
  • Requirement for reduction in labour and operational costs
  • Greater risks in health, safety, and the environment

Optimal’s asset management engineering team is capable of helping clients to:

  • Maximise their facility’s nominal capacity.
  • Safeguard their workforce by implementing higher levels of plant safety.
  • Improve and deliver cost-effective maintenance solutions.

Optimal can provide tailored solutions to deliver maximum value from the assets, through development of strategies centred on safety, reliability and sustainability throughout the assets’ lifecycle.


Achieve optimal asset utilisation and productive output.

In today’s mining operations, optimal performance is measured by maximising the output of plant, equipment, and processes. Optimal have developed solutions for some of the most complex mining projects and operations for clients across the globe. Our solutions enable us to offer our clients’ greater confidence and accuracy in managing their assets.

Our holistic asset management strategy brings maintenance systems performance and reliability knowledge together, allowing our clients to collect condition and operations data, as well as inspection data. We also ensure careful identification of failures that could occur through reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) strategies.

Assets management challenges in the mining industry:

  • Inadequate maintenance strategies leading to unplanned downtime
  • Unwanted costs
  • Inefficient processes,
  • Poor resource delegation.

Our experts provide solutions that help clients face challenges like digitisation and innovation through our holistic maintenance services.


Maximise the reliability, performance and lifetime of your nuclear assets.

Owing to the level of safety, reliability, and regulation, nuclear plants have unique asset management requirements.

Assets management challenges in the Nuclear industry:

  • Maintaining non-operational assets and managing obsolescence
  • Asset reliability for operating plants
  • Life extension for existing installations
  • Understanding regulatory obligations for ageing assets
  • Effective planning for decommissioning

It is essential to recognise and optimise asset information for each configured nuclearpowerplant and to ensure conformity, reliability and integrity across the full lifecycle.We enable plants to continually assess and improve its processes by investing in plant maintenance, its people and technology.

Optimal’s tailored solutions can help you address the challenges of asset management whilst ensuring compliance with standards at every step of the way.

Power Generation and Utilities
Power Generation and Utilities

Fulfil demand and maintain high reliability in an increasingly competitive market.

Power generationand utility companies are highly asset dependant. Power plants, pipelines, electrical cables, substations, etc.,not to mention the data, personnel and other assets that are part of running the facilities.We work within the Water, Gas, Electricity and Renewable Power Supply sectors.

Assets management challenges in the Power Generation and Utilities sector:

  • Budget restrictions
  • Strict regulations
  • Managingwidely distributed assets
  • Network/Grid complexity

Numerous challenges must be overcome to provide safe, inexpensive and uninterrupted power to customers – not to mention the need for higher returns and optimal commercial performance— one major solution is to focus on your operations.

With the help of Optimal, you can ensure the effective functioning of your assets behind the scenes, from performance tooverall process management.Our strategies are holistic and multi-dimensional and focus on improving overall asset performance by increasing reliability and availability.


Asset & Maintenance Management for Chemical Manufacturing

EAM in the Chemical Engineering sector facilitates the operational management of your industrial plant and its associated equipment. By analysing all repair costs, resources, materials, external supplier costs and other factors, we enable a plant to increase operational availability and profitability. Optimal offer comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management software (CMMS / EAM) packages designed to maximise asset performance, drive preventative maintenance to improve plant health and fitness.

Asset management challenges in chemical manufacturing:

  • Retention of knowledge and best practices.
  • Managing the convergence of business and technology assets.
  • Improving mechanical asset integrity.
  • Addressing safety and procedural requirements.

Optimal’s Asset Management solutions for the chemicals industry can help enable effective management of assets from the smallest tools and equipment to the largest production facilities.


Maintain control of your assets and minimise risk.

The operations of pharmaceutical organisations are enhanced by efficiently creating and managing plant asset data and the ever-changing configuration of the facility. Careful management of all asset information enables organisations to boost quality, reduce risk and decrease operating costs and through optimisation, ensures that products are delivered to consumers. Access to this data allows for a thorough analysis and forms the bedrock of a successful, comprehensive asset management strategy.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies need to manage:

  • The unprecedented demand for affordable drugs and healthcare.
  • compliance to regulations.
  • The effects of global population growth.
  • Diseases and health concerns in both developing and developed countries.

Optimal collaborates with organisations to provide personalised solutions to ensure compliance with all regulations while maximising asset efficiency and value.


Optimise the performance and cost-effectiveness of your transportation assets.

Large multinational organisations all require access to, essential transportation assets to maintain their global transportation networks. Assets such as aircraft, freight ships, railcars and vehicle fleets, form the backbone of global trade. We work collaboratively with transport companies and authorities to establish the right balance between performance, costs and risks throughout the asset life cycle, to ultimately deliver a safe, cost-effective and reliable service.

Overcoming asset management challenges in the transportation industry:

  • Ever-increasing or volatile asset management costs
  • Higher service level requirements
  • Low service level consistency
  • Unforeseen levels of availability
  • Low productivity

Our experts are here to help you implement solutions for smart scheduling of maintenance and effective inventory management so that your assets gain in efficiency and value and you gain visibility of the status of your assets.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Optimal solutions for a fast-paced industry.

The success of manufacturing in FMCG is supported by capacity, productivity, quality, efficiency, safety and environmental impact. We help businesses achieve optimum returns on asset value, by working together to develop strategies.

Asset management challenges in the FMCG industry

  • Escalating or unpredictable costs
  • Maintaining operational efficiency
  • Poor process equipment reliability
  • Low process availability
  • Unexpected major line outages
  • Low productivity

Our solutions, such as maximising Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), provide the key to ensuring you get the most out of your assets. Whether it’s consolidating your compliance to SFG20, applying the CIBSE Guide M, or anything else, our experts can revolutionise your business by optimising your operations.

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