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Technical Guide Development: Energy Institute Guidance for Temporary or Permanent Removal of Equipment from Service in the Oil & Gas Sector

Client – Energy Institute

Industry – Oil & Gas

Location – United Kingdom

Year Completed – 2017-2018

Project Summary

With a number of North Sea Oil & Gas assets ageing and coming to end of productive life Operators have a requirement to plan and undertake decommissioning activities. The Energy Institute engaged Optimal to provide technical writing and editing services to address the need to define decommissioning and mothballing industry best practices for upstream Oil & Gas production assets and equipment.

Optimal worked with the UK Energy Institute Aging and Life Extension Committee (ALECOM) to produce a guidance document for the effective management and maintenance of the integrity of equipment and systems taken out of service and their related structures, on either a temporary or permanent basis. The purpose of the document was to facilitate good practice throughout the industry. This was driven by the HSE focus on asset integrity (KP3) and aging and life extensions of asset (KP4).

Key Benefits | Outcomes

The project delivered the following:

Industry best practice guidance document covering:

  • Regulatory drive for decommissioning and mothballing activities
  • Decision considerations and scenarios for decommissioning v mothballing
  • Guidance on best practice for typical upstream Oil & Gas equipment mothballing and decommissioning activities.

Overall, Optimal were able to bring together a team of subject matter experts and working collaboratively with the industry representatives deliver the comprehensive document covering all equipment, facilities and structures found in the UK Continental Shelf (UK CS) upstream Oil & Gas industry. This document was published in 2019 under ISBN 978 1 78725 124 3, document title ‘Guidance on the management and maintenance of the integrity of structures, equipment and systems taken out of service on either temporary or permanent basis in the upstream oil and gas industry’.

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