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Greenfield Maintenance & Materials Strategy Development: Sulphur Dioxide Abatement Plant

Client – Confidential

Industry – Mining

Location – South Africa | Polokwane

Year Completed – 2019-2020

Project Summary

Optimal were contracted to develop an asset register for critical and non-critical systems for an SO2 abatement plant, with three smelting complexes relating to the Metallurgical Complex, and then develop asset tactics for these sites based on RCM framework. Utilising our inhouse asset performance management software, we developed the plant hierarchy, performed criticality analysis and implemented RCM methodology for maintenance strategy development. Material and labour resources were identified and built into the hierarchy, with resource requirements for preventive maintenance used to inform the development of maintenance cost as a budgeting parameter, taking into account the current age of technical objects. This was used to produce the complete asset registers and hierarchies for these sites, with equipment subdivisions, defined Functional Locations with Equipment and Bills of Materials (BoM), and fully defined criticality and failure modes with each maintenance task directly linked to a failure mode.

Key Benefits | Outcomes

We delivered a complete asset register with associated system hierarchies defined, Bills of Materials captured, and full maintenance strategy developed along with complete maintenance work packages that were then uploaded to SAP for execution for a greenfield SO2 Abatement Plant.

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