Case Studies/Projects

Asset Tactics Development for a Mining Giant

Anglo American plc is a global mining company with hundreds of operating sites where commodities such as diamonds, platinum, coal, copper, iron ore and more are mined. Their corporate vision is to enable and sustain significant increase of equipment performance at the operating sites through the development of best practice for materials management through asset strategy, process analysis of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO), and inventory management.

Optimal have been engaged on this large-scale project alongside our partner Ausenco since 2018 with key objective of developing and optimising asset maintenance tactics for a wide range of underground and surface mining equipment.

The Scope

Optimal was requested to assist Anglo American operating sites with the implementation of Rylson8 asset performance management software for the development of plant/equipment hierarchies, criticality analysis, RCM procedures, FMECA, and spares analysis. The end result of the project is generation of comprehensive work packages as well as the creation of SAP upload sheets for Bills of Materials (BOM) development and maintenance planning.

Our Approach & Methodology

The basis of our approach in this project is application of the Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) principles and process for generating fully optimised maintenance strategies for the assets within the project scope. This approach has been facilitated by Rylson8 software which is designed to deliver a holistic view of the asset over its lifecycle and has the RCM process embedded within its different modules for the maintenance strategy development.

As part of the project Optimal have also facilitated integration of Rylson8 with Innowera Process Runner to allow for a seamless end-to-end data migration for task lists, maintenance plans and BOMs into SAP, which is the CMMS utilised by Anglo American. Data upload sheets for the selected assets were developed with knowledge of site operations, which included business processes, skills levels, inventory management and key operating context, through regular workshops.

Project – Asset Tactics Development
Location – South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe
Industry – Mining
Business Line – Maintenance Strategy Development, Materials Management, Asset Data Management
Technology Solutions – Rylson8, Process Runner
Timeframe – 2018 – ongoing

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Key Achievements & Benefits

  • Number of Assets completed to date – TBC
  • Full asset register and plant hierarchy with equipment subdivisions
  • Fully defined Functional Locations with Equipment and BOMs
  • Well defined criticality and failure modes that cost-justify maintenance tasks
  • Complete maintenance work packages with resource allocation
  • Optimised critical spares lists and visualised measures; annualised stocked MRO inventory value, stock hold and Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
  • Detailed spares list documentation; categories (stock or non-stock items), ABC classification for inventory management, lead time and procurement quantity
  • Strategy-based maintenance plans with site scheduling data and activity for scheduled work
  • Activity based maintenance costs with determined budgeted lives for technical objects
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduction in unplanned downtimes
  • Extended time between plant shutdowns
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Elimination of non-value adding maintenance activities.