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Your Enterprise Asset Management Partner.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, Optimal has since established its operations in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are focused on delivering solutions to physical asset intensive organisations to deliver their business value. Our offerings encompass all policies, processes, operating models, management, and sustainability aspects that relate to these assets. With a team of highly experienced Asset Reliability Engineers and Asset Management Specialists, we have the knowledge and the tools to look after the entire lifecycle management of your assets.

Our solutions are based on Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) principles and are designed to optimise our clients’ asset management practices as they move up the asset management maturity ladder. Understanding an organisation’s maturity is a key part of the journey to optimising the existing asset management practices and gaining a line of sight for effective decision making.

Optimal’s solutions will help you to:

  • Maximise equipment uptime
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Asset Life
  • Increase Safety

Our solutions are aligned with ISO 55000 standards and allow asset owners realisation of continuous value and return on investment (ROI) through achieving the optimal balance of cost, risk, and performance.

With quality being at the forefront of our service delivery, we have accredited systems and processes in place to ensure the highest level of service standards and continuous improvement as we expand our business.

Stronger Together

Optimal is proud to partner with other organisations that share our values of pioneering and excellence in asset maintenance, reliability and integrity by successfully collaborating and sharing cutting edge technology, knowledge and expertise.

Our Partners

Ultimo is the flexible EAM Cloud platform. The number 1 flexible EAM system that gives you control over your asset management; helps you increase uptime, manage the costs and extend the life span of your assets; provides you with reliable control information; helps you meet laws and regulations; and helps you ensure a safe and healthy working environment. With an unmatched and proven Total Cost of Ownership, Ultimo allows you see vital signs and take vital actions.

An Australian multinational company that provides engineering design and project management services to the minerals & metals, oil & gas and industrial sectors internationally. The company has operations in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada, South America and the United States.

Headquartered in Lyon, France- Cosmo Tech is a global software company that helps senior management and the C-suite make optimal decisions by transforming the way that decision-makers in the energy, utilities, and mobility sectors optimise their asset management and operations strategies through utilisation of Enterprise Asset Digital Twin technology.

A US Software-As-A-Service company (SAAS) serving customers worldwide who offer a platform that enables users to manage SAP processes and workflows for productivity and data management.

A South African technology company which assists companies, engineers and maintenance personnel to benefit from cost-effective condition-based asset management, by integrating complete, easy to use condition monitoring solutions to support business objectives.

AVEVA is a British multinational information technology company headquartered in Cambridge. The company provides the largest industrial software ecosystem and is a global leader in engineering and industrial software; driving digital transformation across the entire asset and operational life cycle of capital-intensive industries.

Our People

Jan Myburg  |  Academy Manager  |  LinkedIn

Kediemetse Huma  |  Asset Management Training Manager  |  LinkedIn

Rod MacKenzie  |  Technical Manager UK  |  LinkedIn

Mike Hobbs  |  Principal Engineer UK  |  LinkedIn

Kamal Raj  |  Technical Manager SA  |  LinkedIn

Jabran Khan  |  Principal Solutions Consultant UK  | LinkedIn

Monika Gerrie  |  Asset Care Centre Manager  | LinkedIn

Alison Bradford  |  International Sales Manager  | LinkedIn

Zipho Nzama  |  Business Development Executive SA  | LinkedIn